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We believe in listening to you and fully understanding your needs in order to give the advice you require.

When the DeMars Gordon Olson Zalewski & Wynner Law Firm represents clients, our Firm’s primary goal is to help you reach your goals.  We strive to represent you in the most skilled and professional manner.  We want you to have confidence in our team.  No matter how big or small your legal issues may be, we are here to help you resolve your concerns. At DeMars Gordon Olson Zalewski & Wynner, we have industry experience and focus on a wide range of areas including estate planning, divorce, family law, intellectual property, professional license defense, criminal law and employment law, to name a few.  We also offer mediation services, which can be another viable option for resolving conflicts and disputes before the problem situation escalates.

Latest News

How can chapter 13 bankruptcy keep my home out of foreclosure?

When an individual has fallen behind on their house payments and is facing foreclosure, one of the surest ways to resolve the issue is through a chapter 13 bankruptcy.  So long as the chapter 13 bankruptcy filing is made prior to the foreclosure sale, the automatic stay goes into effect and the sale can no longer continue.  But this is only a good idea if it will be possible for the debtor to continue making their monthly mortgage payment after the filing.  If the debtor falls behind on their mortgage payment during the bankruptcy, then...... Read more »